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PD Dr. Harry Olde Venterink

Institut für Integrative Biologie
Universitätstrasse 16  CHN H 66
8092 Zürich
Phone.: +41 44 632 85 56
FAX: +41 44 632 12 15
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Curriculum vitae

since 2005 ETH Zürich, Switzerland (Senior Lecturer / Researcher)
2004 Utrecht Unversity, The Netherlands (Postdoc)
2003 ETH Zürich, Switzerland (Postdoc)
2002 University of Groningen, The Netherlands (Postdoc)
2001 Unesco-IHE Delft, The Netherlands (Postdoc)
1999-2000 University of Lund, Sweden (Postdoc)
1994-2000 Utrecht University, The Netherlands (PhD and Applied Project)
1993-1994 Dutch National Institute of Public health and Environment (Researcher)

University education and evaluations
2011 Habilitation ETH Zurich. Venia Legendi for the field of Plant and Ecosystem Ecology
2000 PhD Utrecht University
1989-1992 Studies in Environmental Sciences, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
1986-1989 Studies in Biology, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

An overview of my research activities is shown on my personal website (link above).

Editorial boards
Section editor of Plant and Soil
Associate editor of Wetlands

Research Projects:

running Projects:        finished Projects:

Are exotic invasions and species loss related to N:P stoichiometry? A test for the Brazilian Cerrado vegetation

Vegetation-herbivory interactions in Tanzania; importance of N and P fluxes and stoichiometry

Implications of vegetation change for methane emissions in wetlands

Herbivore-vegetation interactions in tall grass savannas: exploring the limits for grazers to drive landscape dynamics

Influence of different plant species on methane fluxes from wetlands

Hydrology, Vegetation and Herbivore interactions in a disturbed floodplain in Zambia

Mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from paddy farming by intercropping with other economically useful plants

Recolonisation of a coastal savanna ecosystem in Tanzania after abandonment of cattle ranching

Interactive effects of hydrological changes, atmospheric N-deposition, and SO4-pollution on phosphorus release in wetlands

Competition between two dominant grasses at different levels and ratios of nitrogen and phosphorus supply

Nutrient cycling and nutrient limitation in relation to productivity and species composition of plant communities

Ecological interactions between higher plants and microorganisms in the acquisition of growth limiting nutrients N, P and K

Functional traits of invasive plant species and implications for biogeochemical cycling

The resource mobility concept – or – the effects of resource transport and supply rates

Selected Publications:

  • Blaser, W., Sitters, J., Hart, S.P., Edwards, P.J., Olde Venterink, H.  (2013)  Facilitative or competitive effects of woody plants on understory vegetation depend on N-fixation, canopy height and rainfall.  Journal of Ecology (doi: 10.1111/1365-2745.1242)
  • Wilberts, S., Suter, M., , Walser, N., Edwards, P.J., Olde Venterink, H., Ramseier, D.,   (2013)  Testing experimentally the effects of soil resource mobility on plant competition.  journal of Plant Ecology (doi: 10.1093/jpe/rtt029)
  • Fujita, Y., Van Bodegom, P.M., Olde Venterink, H., Runhaar, H., Witte, J.P.M.  (2013)  Towards proper integration of hydrology in predicting soil nitrogen mineralization rates along moisture gradients in ecosystems.  Soil Biology and Biochemistry 58: 302-312
  • Bhullar, G., Edwards, P.J., Olde Venterink, H.  (2013)  Variation in the plant mediated methane transport and its importance for methane emission from intact wetland peat mesocosms.  Journal of Plant Ecology 4: 298-304
  • Sitters, J., Edwards, P.J., Olde Venterink, H.  (2013)  Increases of soil C, N and P pools along an Acacia tree density gradient and their effects on trees and grasses.  Ecosystems 16: 347-357
  • Lannes, L., Bustamante, M.M.C, Edwards, P.J., Olde Venterink, H.  (2012)  Alien and endangered plants in the Brazilian Cerrado exhibit contrasting relationships with vegetation biomass and N:P stoichiometry.   New Phytologist 196: 816-823
  • Douma, J.C., Witte, J.P., Aerts, R., Bartholomeus, R.P., Ordoñez, J.C., Olde Venterink, H., Wassen, M.J., Van Bodegom, P.M.  (2012)  Towards a functional basis for predicting vegetation patterns; incorporating plant traits in habitat distribution models  Ecography 35: 294-305
  • Bernasconi, S.M., Bauder, A., Bourdon, B., Brunner, I., Bünemann, E., Christl, I., Derungs, N., Edwards, P.J., Farinotti, D., Frey, B., Frossard, E., Furrer, G., Gierga, M., Göransson, H., Gülland, K., Hagedorn, F., Hajdas, I., Hindshaw, R., Ivy-Ochs, S., Jansa, J., Jonas, T., Kiczka, M., Kretzschmar, R., Lemarchand, E., Luster, J., Magnusson, J., Mitchell, E.A.D., Olde Venterink, H., Plötze, M., Reynolds, B., Smittenberg, R., Stähli, M., Tamburini, F., Tipper, E.T., Wacker, L., Welc, M., Wiederhold, J.G., Zeyer, J., Zimmermann, S., Zumsteg, A.  (2011)  Chemical and biological gradients along the Damma Glacier soil chronosequence (Switzerland).  Vadose Zone Journal 10: 867-883.
  • Olde Venterink, H.  (2011)  Legumes have a higher root phosphatase activity than other forbs, particularly under low inorganic N and P supply.   Plant and Soil 347: 137-146.
  • Olde Venterink, H.  (2011)  Does phosphorus limitation promote species-rich plant communities?  Plant and Soil 345: 1-9.
  • Göransson, H., Olde Venterink, H., Bååth, E.  (2011)  Soil bacterial growth and nutrient limitation along a chronosequence from a glacier fore field.  Soil Biology and Biochemistry 43: 1333-1340
  • Scharfy, D., Funk, A., Olde Venterink, H., Güsewell, S.  (2011)  Invasive forbs differ functionally from native graminoids, but are similar to native forbs.  New Phytologist 189: 818-828
  • Scharfy, D., Güsewell, S., Gessner, M.O., Olde Venterink, H.  (2010)  Invasion of Solidago gigantea in contrasting experimental plant communities: effects on soil microbes, nutrients and plant-soil feedbacks.   Journal of Ecology 98: 1379-1388.
  • Cech, P., Olde Venterink, H., Edwards, P.J.  (2010)  N and P cycling in Tanzanian Humid Savanna; Influence of Herbivores, Fire and N2-fixation.  Ecosystems 13: 1079-1096.
  • Olde Venterink, H., Güsewell, S.  (2010)  Competitive interactions between two meadow grasses under N and P limitation.  Functional Ecology 24: 877-886. Review Faculty 1000 Biology:
  • Cech, P., Edwards, P.J., Olde Venterink, H.  (2010)  Why is abundance of herbaceous legumes low in African savanna? – A test with two model species.  Biotropica 42: 580-589
  • Kölbener, A., Ström, L., Edwards, P.J., Olde Venterink, H.  (2010)  Plant species from mesotrophic wetlands cause relatively high methane emissions from peat soil.  Plant and Soil 326, 147-158.
  • Scharfy, D., Eggenschwiler, H., Olde Venterink, H., Edwards, P.J., Güsewell, S.  (2009)  The invasive alien plant species Solidago gigantea alters ecosystem properties across habitats with differing fertility.  Journal of Vegetation Science 20, 1072-1085.
  • Robroek, B.J.M., Adema, E.B. , Olde Venterink, H., Leonardson, L., Wassen, M.J.  (2009)  How nitrogen and sulphur addition, and a single drought event affect root phosphatase activity in Phalaris arundinacea.  Science of the Total Environment 407: 2342-2348
  • Olde Venterink, H., Kardel, I., Kotowski, W., Peeters, W.H.M., Wassen, M.J.  (2009)  Long-term effects of drainage and hay-removal on nutrient dynamics and limitation in the Biebrza mires, Poland.  Biogeochemistry 93: 235-252
  • Bünemann, E., Göransson, H., Kandeler, E., Jansa, J., Frossard, E., Tamburini, F., Smittenberg, R. H., Olde Venterink, H., Bernasconi, S. M.  (2008)  Vegetation, soil nutrient availability and enzyme activities along a chronosequence of soil development in the forefield of the Damma glacier.  Berichte des nautrwissenschaftlich-medizinischen Vereins Innsbruck Supplementum, 18, 19
  • Olde Venterink, H., Vittoz, P.  (2008)  Biomass production of the last remaining fen with Saxifraga hirculus in Switzerland is controlled by nitrogen availability.  Botanica Helvetica 118: 165-174
  • Cech, P., Kuster, T., Edwards, P.J., Olde Venterink, H.  (2008)  Effects of herbivory, fire and N2-fixation on nutrient limitation in a humid african savanna.  Ecosystems, 11, 991-1004.
  • Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Olde Venterink, H., Buschmann, H.  (2007)  Nitrogen enrichment and plant invasions: the importance of nitrogen fixing plants and anthropogenic eutrophication.  in: W. Nentwig (ed.). Biological invasions, Ecological Studies, Springer Verlag. pp 163-180.
  • Middleton, B., Grootjans, A., Jensen, K., Olde Venterink, H., Margóczi, K.  (2006)  Fen management and research perspectives: an overview.   Wetlands: Functioning, Biodiversity Conservation and Restoration. R. Bobbink, B. Beltman, J. T. A. Verhoeven & D. Whigham (eds.) Ecological Studies 191, Springer Verlag, Berlin, pp. 247-268
  • Wassen, M.J., Olde Venterink, H.  (2006)  Assessment of N and P fluxes in some Dutch, Belgian and Polish fens and floodplains.  Applied Vegetation Science 9: 213-222
  • Olde Venterink, H., Vermaat, J.E., Pronk, M., Wiegman, F., Van der Lee, G.E.M., Van den Hoorn, M.W., Higler, L.W.G., Verhoeven, J.T.A.  (2006)  Importance of sediment deposition and denitrification for nutrient retention in floodplain wetlands  Applied Vegetation Science 9: 163-174
  • Wassen, M.J., Olde Venterink, H., Lapshina, E.D., Tanneberger, F.  (2005)  Endangered species persist under phosphorus limitation  Nature 437, 547-550 (PDF, 280 kB)
  • Pieterse, N.M., Olde Venterink, H., Schot, P.P., Verkroost, A.W.M.  (2005)  Nutrient contamination of groundwater: a source of eutrophication in discharge meadows?   Landscape Ecology 20, 743-753
  • Van der Lee, G.E.M., Olde Venterink, H., Asselman, N.E.M.  (2004)  Estimation of nutrient retention in floodplains of the Rhine distributaries in The Netherlands: upscaling the effect on river water quality  River Research and Applications 20, 315-325
  • Olde Venterink, H., Hummelink, E., Van den Hoorn, M.W.  (2003)  Denitrification potential of a river floodplain during flooding with nitrate-rich water; grasslands versus reedbeds  Biogeochemistry 65, 233-244
  • Wassen, M.J., Peeters, W.H.M., Olde Venterink, H.  (2003)  Patterns in vegetation, hydrology, and nutrient availability in an undisturbed floodplain in Poland  Plant Ecology 165, 27-43
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  • Olde Venterink, H., Wassen, M.J., Verkroost, A.W.M., de Ruiter, P.C.  (2003)  Species richness-productivity patterns differ between N-, P- and K-limited wetlands  Ecology, 84: 2191-2199 (PDF, 140 kB)
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  • Olde Venterink, H., Pieterse, N.M., Belgers, J.D.M., Wassen, M.J., De Ruiter, P.C.  (2002)  N, P and K budgets along nutrient availability and productivity gradients in wetlands  Ecological Applications 12, 1010-1026 (PDF, 330 kB)
  • Olde Venterink, H., Davidsson, T.E., Kiehl, K., Leonardson, L.  (2002)  The impact of drying and re-wetting on N, P and K dynamics in a wetland soil  Plant and Soil 243, 119-130
  • Olde Venterink, H., Wassen, M.J., Belgers, J.D.M., Verhoeven, J.T.A.  (2001)  Control of environmental variables on species density in fens and meadows; importance of direct effects and effects through community biomass  Journal of Ecology 89, 1033-1040 (PDF, 368 kB)
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  • Raaimakers, D., Boot, R., Olde Venterink, H., Perreijn, K., Lambers, H.  (1995)  P-availability in acid sandy soils; a case study carried out in Guyana  in: D. Raaimakers (ed.) Growth of Tropical Rainforest Trees as Dependent on Phosphorus Supply. pp. 23-32. Ph.D. Thesis Utrecht University, Utrecht The Netherlands.




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